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  • Fresh wood contains about 55% to 65% moisture which shrinks the wood when it evaporates in dry climate.
  • We have facility for special Kiln Seasoning of single piece Dhroni.This cannot be done in ordinary Kilns since they are designed for smaller sections of furniture wood.
  • The Kiln Seasoning brings down the moisture level in wood to below 15% , simultaneously strengthening the wood and increasing it’s crack- resistance.



  • FRP Dhroni ( Massage Bed ) is made with high performance NPG Gelcoat & heat resistant Isophthalic Resin.
  • Also the Steam Bath is made with heat resistant PTA resin, which is stronger, more impact & heat resistant compared to the conventional Fiber products.
  • Further our export model Dhroni is filled with structural rigid PUF material which imparts high strength and impact resistance properties while reducing the weight.
  • The artificial wood design surfacing on the FRP Products (such as Dhroni, Steam chamber, Spine Bath etc.) are made using imported materials, thus guaranteeing lifelong performance.



  • Our products are designed and built with a focus on being energy–efficient and eco-friendly at the same time.
  • Our Steam generator is designed to work with minimum quantity of water which ensure that only minimum amount of heat energy is required to produce steam in a short time.
  • Our Gas boiler is provided with high speed burner which enables quick boiling of water with clean blue flame.
  • Our Steam boiler is made with 18 gauge SS 304 sheets that assure lifelong quality against reaction from the herbs used for Herbal Steam baths compared to the regular SS 202 boilers.



  • Our innovative Pizhichil Machines are designed to enable the Pizhichil, Sarvanga Dhara, Ekanga Dhara and Pradesika Dhara treatment procedures to be carried out exactly as per the guidelines provided by the Ayurvedic text ‘ Sahasra yoga ‘.
  • The dhara oil falls in a stream from a height of 11 Angulas, at constant temperature at constant diameter (about 5 mm) in line with the principles contained in the ayurvedic texts.
  • Apart from accuracy of the treatment procedure, this Machine offers cost saving by requiring the service of only 1 therapist whereas the traditional methods require a team of 5 persons.



  • Our Automatic Shirodhara yanthram has a Shirodhara Vessel swinging perfectly over the patients’ head as done in classical ayurvedic procedure.
  • The width of the vessel oscillation can be controlled to suit various head sizes and timing is controllable for Oil or liquid shirodhara.
  • Our Shirodhara Stands are made of Steel pipes with fully adjustable side arm and nylon bushed movements for arm and hook, assuring slip-free holding of the arm.
  • Double flower bolt tightening of the arms further ensures perfect balance to take the load of Dhara vessel even at 50 cm distance.
  • Our Disposable Vasti Yanthrams are made with a special plastic material used in surgical equipments that allows steam sterilization without bending.
  • These have a transparent body and come in both fixed tip and removable tip types.
  • The tips are well rounded to ensure a comfortable insertion.



  • Traditionally Kerala Ayurveda customs uses ‘ white bronze ‘ metal for all vessels used in the treatment procedures.
  • This metal is not used elsewhere in India for ayurvedic application.
  • Our skilled Kerala artisans make the white bronze vessels by adding a layer of pure tin metal to bronze which ensures top notch quality.



  • Ayurvedic herbal preparations are traditionally prepared by heating herbs , oils etc. in white bronze vessels using firewood at ‘ Mruduagni ‘ heating level.
  • Our associates follow this age old method to make authentic ayurveda preparations, which assure maximum therapeutic effectiveness.
  • The branded ayurveda herbal preparations available in the market use steam heating and hence is less effective than the traditionally prepared ones.

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