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Vasti Yanthrams ( Basti )

  • Bahya Basti Yantra

    Bahya Basti Yantra


    • These are essential for executing oleation procedures like Kati Vasti, Jaanu Vasti, Greeva Vasti, Uro Vasti etc. in a fast, reliable & economical way compared to the usual Gram flour paste method or
  • Niruha Basti Yantra

    Niruha Basti Yantra


    • Disposable tips (nethram) & vasti bags with a permanent barrel body.
    • The barrel end is threaded to take up vasti bags (plastic) without leakage ,using a plastic nut, through which the neck of
  • Thaila Vasti Yantram

    Thaila Vasti Yantram

    Metal Syringes

    • These have Chrome plated Brass body.
    • The disposable plastic vasti tip is screwed to the head.
    • This tip has ideal hole size of 4 mm for ayurvedic use.
    • Available in 100ml / 200
  • Uttar Basti Yantra

    Uttar Basti Yantra


    • Stainless steel apparatus of 10 inch length for Uttar Basti in Females.
    • Adjustable to fit all sizes.
    • Rubber plug provided to mark and hold the inserted position with the help of a
  • Vasti Yantram

    Vasti Yantram


    • Hand casted in the traditional way & shape by keralite artisans using authentic White bronze metal and has smooth, round tipped Nethram of 5 mm dia.
    • The one piece vasti yanthram is made of

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