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We, at ESTEEM SERVICES, offer elegantly designed Ayurvedic Equipment that are manufactured from quality raw materials such as Wood, FRP, SS, Bronze, MS, plastic etc. The wide array of Ayurvedic Equipment offered by the company comprises Ayurvedic Massage Tables, FRP Bathtub, Steam Bath Chamber, Shirodhara Stands, Shirodhara Machines, Shirodhara Vessel, Steam Bath System, Steam Generator, Pizhichil Yanthram, Vaman Peeth, Virechana Chair, Nasya Chair, Rectum Steam Chair, Vasti Yanthram, Power Ammi, Pill Making Machine, Panchaloha,Sirovasthi Cap, Electric Dryer, Kinetiser, and Wooden Stool.

With its technological excellence and constant up gradation skills, the company has met the desired results of quality production. With its adept professional team, the company has become proficient in providing an innovative range of Ayurvedic Equipment. The company offers safe packaging of its Ayurvedic Equipment in wooden or plastic materials. In addition, for the ease of the clients, the company offers customized packaging facility to them.

Ayurvedic Massage Bed ( Dharapathi / Dhroni )

Support Stands

Ayurvedic Massage Table ( Shirodhara Table )

Massage Accessories

  • Head and Knees Pillows
    Features: Two Knee pillows and a head/face pillow reduce discomfort at the knee joints and jaws during massage in prone position. Specially made to resist oil soaking using superior quality foams enclosed in zipped artificial leather covers. This
  • Soft Bed
    Features: The soft bed relieves distress of the patient lying on a hard dharapathi. Made of sheathed superior quality foams enclosed in zipped artificial leather covers to resist oil soaking. Top part is shaped to match the curvature of the
  • Steel Step
    Mild Steel Step : Made from high quality CR pipes. Electrostatically powder coated for long life. Single step and double stair are available. Stainless Steel Step :Made from superior quality stainless steel pipesPrices PC Steel (Single): ₹
  • Wooden Massage Stool
    Features: Wooden massage stool made of good quality wood. Aesthetically carved legs and excellent polish are the plus points. Essential for head oiling preceding Abhyangam. Prices Standard: ₹ 3,500 Export: ₹
  • Wooden Step
    Features: Made from seasoned wood. Hand carved design work is made in Export quality step. Single stair Standard: ₹ 1,800 Decorative: ₹ 3,600 Double stair Standard: ₹ 2,600 Decorative: ₹

Disposable Therapy Accessories

Shirodhara Equipments

Steam Bath Chamber-Sitting Type

Steam Bath Chamber-Lying Type

Steam Generators & Boilers

Kshara Sutra

Pizhichil / Sarvangadhara

Lying Steam Bath with Dhroni

Ayurvedic Bath Tubs (Awagaha Equipments)

Panchakarma Equipments ( Peeth )

Ayurvedic Sauna ( Thaap Swedan Yanthra )

Vasti Yanthrams ( Basti )

  • Bahya Basti Yantra
    Features: These are essential for executing oleation procedures like Kati Vasti, Jaanu Vasti, Greeva Vasti, Uro Vasti etc. in a fast, reliable & economical way compared to the usual Gram flour paste method or Acrylic vasti rings. Edges of
  • Niruha Basti Yantra
    Features: Disposable tips (nethram) & vasti bags with a permanent barrel body. The barrel end is threaded to take up vasti bags (plastic) without leakage ,using a plastic nut, through which the neck of the vasti bag is pulled out, slid over the
  • Thaila Vasti Yantram
    Metal Syringes These have Chrome plated Brass body. The disposable plastic vasti tip is screwed to the head. This tip has ideal hole size of 4 mm for ayurvedic use. Available in 100ml / 200 ml. sizes for Mathra and Sneha vasti
  • Uttar Basti Yantra
    Features: Stainless steel apparatus of 10 inch length for Uttar Basti in Females. Adjustable to fit all sizes. Rubber plug provided to mark and hold the inserted position with the help of a screw. Uttar Basti table in stainless Steel / powder
  • Vasti Yantram
    Features: Hand casted in the traditional way & shape by keralite artisans using authentic White bronze metal and has smooth, round tipped Nethram of 5 mm dia. The one piece vasti yanthram is made of surgical plastic, for single person use; can

Other Therapy Accessories

Spa Furniture

Therapeutic Preparations

  • Ayurvedic Medicines
    We also supply and export authentic ayurvedic medicines and Special, purpose made Kerala Panchakarma preparations made by reputed Kerala manufacturers as well as those prepared in the traditional way using Bronze vessels and Firewood.Detailed Price
  • Ayurvedic Oils
    Features: We supply and export authentic ayurvedic oils for shirodhara, abhyangam , pichu , kayasekam , nasyam , shirovasti , kativasti / janu vasti / greeva vasti etc. Dhara special purpose oils for relief from pain, spasm, burning sensation etc.
  • Herbal Preparations
    We supply and export herbal preparations for all Panchakarma and Kerala specialty therapies like Potala , Swedana , Udwarthana , Lepana , Brumhana, Kshalana, Sirolepa , Shashtika , Upanaha etc.Detailed Price list available on